The proyect​

We live in a society, where many times the information that we access, not always has an empirical fundamental. In this context, this webpage surged with the mission to create a strong bridge between the empirical information produced in academia and society.

Specifically, the topic is the ageing population. For that, it had been working micro-topics such as gender, care, pension, work, and life course. In the future, it is expected to continue adding more micro-topics and content.

What can you find on this webpage? In each micro-topic, there are different entries with information obtained from empirical papers produced by academics. The idea is to write about the impact on society of the paper, but without taking off the author’s idea.

The selection of the papers are not necessarily with a particular order, so if you consider it would be necessarily read and write about one in particular, please tell us by email or twitter (see the contact page). You could make an active contribution to this project!